Insurance on Your Mind?

February 4, 2010

With so much media coverage surrounding the health insurance debate on Capital Hill, college student are no longer putting insurance on the back burner. It is becoming harder and harder for college students and young adults to avoid the topic of health insurance. It’s all around us, in the newspaper, on television, and in magazines.

The cost of health care is becoming a rough reality for many young adults. One visit to the doctor’s and it doesn’t take long to understand the reason for health insurance. The debt accumulated from student loans is already enough trouble, who needs extra expenses. With medical bills being one of the leading causes of bankruptcy, many young adults are looking for insurance to keep their future safe.

A bonus about insurance is it can be cancelled at anytime. This gives consumers the power to change policies if their insurance needs change. Although you do have this benefit as a consumer, it is very important that you shop around before deciding.

GradGuard has a unique “right fit” approach to insurance. Although individual situations change, we know that people like to save. We also understand that it’s not really saving if you aren’t getting the right coverage. That is why we have done the research to indentify the best insurance products for college students, recent graduates and their families.

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