How important is health insurance for students?

January 11, 2010

How important is health insurance for students?

Well, lets take a look at the facts. Young college students are among the healthier groups of people due to there age. On the other hand, young adults are more prone to accident related emergency room visits. Without insurance, hospital bills can become a fiscal burden much faster then most people notice.

Lets say you are very cautious person so you don’t believe hospital coverage is necessary. You live a healthy lifestyle and you try to avoid germs. A fellow student of yours, maybe an individual who lives down the hall from you or sits behind you in physchology, gets the flu. You become ill and are forced schedule an appointment with a doctor. You now have to pay the hundreds that insurance would have covered for the doctor to see you on top of the cost of medication. You can see where this is going, college students are placed in an enviornment where high traffic allows for higher transfer rates of illness.

It is proven that people who have health insurance live healthier lives due to preventative measures as well as proper treatment of any medical issues. When all the factors are taken into consideration, college students may not being be having strokes everyday or major medical problems, but they are at a high risk for injury or common illness due to the enviorment they live in.

Whether a student feels they are safe with coverage of accidental injury from a short-term major medical plan or they think they need full coverage with a long term plan, one thing is certain, insurance in important.

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