The reality of life and health insurance

January 2, 2010

It is no secret that the youth of America has grown up in a different world then past generations. Attending college has become the norm and for good reason. The world is advancing at a rate that is astonishing. Technology is doubling every six months and it is continually getting faster. With this speed in advancement, comes a faster speed in our everyday lives. The new objective in life is being able to multi-task. The youth of America has grown up learning these skills but when is it too much?

There is risk that comes with this ability to constantly stay connected and juggle multiple tasks. Some young Americans are living their lives with a do or die attitude. For the sake of our Government and our Nation as a whole, it is great that young adults are able to manage multiple tasks but when these tasks are carried onto the road it becomes a hazard. Young adults are not only using their cell phones to text message while driving, they are surfing the web and updating their status as well. Social media has become a large part of the lives of our youth. So much, that social media sites like twitter and facebook can now be accessed from a variety of phones.

To make matters worse, young adults in America make up the largest portion of the uninsured. Although young adults may have the lowest rate of becoming ill due to natural causes, due to actions like driving and texting, they are the highest risk takers. Their fast paced lives, leave them much more vulnerable to accidental injury. With health care costs being so high, one accident can lead to thousands in medical bills.

With parents already spending large sums of money on education, additional costs from medical expenses can become a detrimental fiscal burden. So much of a burden, that medical expenses were the number one cause of bankruptcy last year. Even though there is no guarantee anyone will get sick or injured, when you compare medical bills versus insurance, insurance is always the safer bet.

The type of coverage the young adult selects should be directly related to their own health needs. By doing this, the policy will provide the most coverage for cost. There are multiple forms of policies so be sure to read over each one to ensure it is the best fit. If you are looking for short term insurance to fill a gap between employment or your next long term plan, short term major medical insurance would be the best fit. On the other hand, if you are trying to find something that will last, shop around because there is a lot of long term health plans in the market. The most effective way to do this investigation is via the internet or insurance broker. Insurance brokers do not work for the insurance carrier but they are just licensed to sell their products. Due to this, they will be able to show you multiple policies from different carriers and help explain the differences between each plan.

GradGuard can provide you with this help, our mission is to provide young adults with the “right fit” for their particular situation. We work with the insurance carriers, not for them. If you would like help, give us a call, we are here to serve you, the consumer!

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