Health Insurance Fraud

December 17, 2009

Health insurance fraud is a big issue we face in terms of health insurance cost. Fraud drives up the prices of care due to the payouts on false claims.

The scary thing is, it may get worse before it gets better. “As more people are not getting the health care they need, we’re seeing an increasing incidence of medical identity fraud,” tells Michigan-based attorney Norbert Kugele to the New York Times.

Medicare fraud has been going on for years now and although the feds have been battling it with great intensity, by their own admission, they’ve had mixed success.

To protect yourself, make sure you keep your insurance card close. Essentially, your insurance card is your life in relation to insurance fraud. Also, give your medical records a check-up to ensure no false claims are already being filled in your name. Going paperless is also a great security precaution that limits the chance of someone getting your information.

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