The Young Invincibles

December 10, 2009

The young invincibles is a name that the insurance industry has given to the 13.7 million Americans from the ages of 19-29 who are living without health insurance. The name is derived from the belief that these individuals have about health insurance insurance not being necessary. With so much attention on health care these days, this is an important topic of concern. The lawmakers and industry leaders know that they must get this demographic to jump into the insurance pool to help lower costs.

Young Americans require much less medical attention in comparison to older generations. Due to this, the premiums from these policies would help subsidize older, less healthy people. Ultimately, lowering the overall average cost. Americans 19-29 are much more likely to obtain entry-level jobs that do not provide health insurance as a benefit. So, for this to happen, Congress needs to focus on lowering costs so it is financially possible for these young adults to seek coverage.

Some can’t wait for Congress any longer though, if you are one of these people, do your homework! Or, let a GradGuard do the work for you! Give us a call and one of our licensed agents would be more then happy to answer any questions you might have.

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