Need help finding your flu vaccine?

November 13, 2009

With the high demand for the H1N1 vaccine, it may be hard to find it! Thankfully, our friends at Google have launched a new application to help you find what you want. To bring this to you, Google has partnered with the U.S. Department for health and human services, their Flu.gov collaborators, and the American Lung Association on the flu shot finder.

Using Google maps, you are able to enter your zip code or town and find all the surrounding clinics providing the flu shot. This new tool will also be featured on the U.S. government’s flu page, as well as the American Lung Association’s site.

Unfortunately, the tool does not have a live update feature that lets you know which clinics are out of the vaccine. Because of the this, you may run into some clinics that have run out. You can eliminate some of the run around by calling all the surrounding clinics to get informed on the availability of the vaccine. Google said that although some of the service might not feature actionable content now, it felt the time was right to “help disseminate information about locations where vaccines are available, and also to make more vaccine providers aware of the project so that they can contribute.”

Hopefully, as the project progresses, more information will be added but even now, the tool is a great help!

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