New York moves to to replace database run by UnitedHealth's Ingenix

November 2, 2009

Currently, the health care reimbursement database is run by Minnetonka-based UnitedHealth Group Inc.’s Ingenix subsidiary.  New York is looking to change this,  the attorney general  Andrew Cuomo, announced Tuesday, a reform plan that launches a new company and an Upstate research network.

The new non-profit-company will be named FAIR Health Inc. and the research network, is to be headquartered at Syracuse University.  This is good news for the consumer, for the first time, there will be a new Web site where consumers can compare prices before they choose their doctors.  The plan is being funded from a settlement recovered during an investigation of how the health-insurance industry reimburses consumers for out-of-network health care charges.  The investigation was conducted by Cuomo’s office and provides $100 million for the new plan.

Cuomo stated that the initiative will bring much-needed transparency, accountability and fairness to a broken consumer-reimbursement system.

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