Swine Flu Update

September 23, 2009

An article was composed on August 5 that compiled all the latest swine flu developments from HealthDay magazine.

Novartis, a Swiss drugmaker has begun human trials for their swine flu vaccine.  Drug company spokesman Eric Althoff reported to the Associated Press that the year-long trial will include 6,000 participants of all ages in Britain, Germany and the United States.  Although this is the first testing for Novartis, this is not the first human trial done.  In Austrialia, CSL drug company became the first to test on humans back in July.

On Tuesday, August 4th, the World Health Organization reported that 338 people have passed away from the virus in the week prior to the posting.

The AP also spoke on the death toll from the virus, reporting that there have been 1,154 deaths caused by the swine flu.

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