Stuggles to gain experience

September 23, 2009

As college comes to an end or students enter their final year, internships are the topic of interest. Christine Childers, director of Career Development at Lynn University stated:

“Having an internship is absolutely essential, whatever it takes, it’s important that students do it.”

After the downfall of the economy, internships offered in the United States have dropped 21 percent and the number of internships becoming unpaid is increasing. With such an emphasis on internships more graduates and students are making sacrifices on pay to gain the experience.

The biggest issue with this situation is that no matter how high the desire is, some people are forced to miss out on these opportunities. Individuals that are struggling financially are finding themselves asking if an intership is really worth it. It is hard enough to find a part time job in the job market today and those who are lucky enough to get one, are finding it is even harder to juggle their bills, job and internship.

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