It's Never Been Harder For College Graduates To Find A Job

September 23, 2009

In this recession, people are losing jobs left and right, and the unemployment rate has increased drastically in the past year.  Finding a job has never been so difficult, and the process can be extremely  frustrating!  College graduates are facing this huge problem, and are constantly receiving rejection letters from companies.

Looking for a job can be disheartening and emotionally draining, but in this recession, college graduates cannot afford to give up!  Even though several companies are on a hiring freeze, there are still jobs being posted daily.

Recent college graduates find that going to graduate school could be a better option than trying to find a job right now.

Surprisingly, hospitals are feeling the effects of the recession too, and have been trying to cut costs, unfortunately starting with employees.  People are constantly losing their health insurance, and cannot pay their medical bills.  Thankfully there are affordable short-term health insurance policies available for college graduates who are in the process of finding a job.

Tip for college graduates: Don’t give up! The job market is tough, but be persistent and keep an open mind.

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