How to Manage Your Expenses Before College Starts

September 23, 2009

Getting back to college is a busy, yet exciting time for students. Whether you are a returning student or an incoming freshman, there is a never ending to-do list before school gets back in session.  Here are a few important tips to help you manage your expenses:

1) Books:  The majority of classes that you take will have a required textbook list, and this can be very costly.  There are countless online bookstores that offer affordable used books. This is a great way to save money on supplies!

2) Student Health Insurance: Often students are not qualified to be covered under their parent’s plan.  Make sure you have insurance because medical costs are extremely expensive.  There are student health insurance plans that offer reasonable rates and good coverage.

3) Dorms/ Apartments: Are you planning to move out of the house? Start researching early because there are several factors that must be considered before choosing where to live. If you are moving into an apartment make sure you take into consideration the proximity to campus, the cost of living there, and the level of safety in the area.  

4) Financial aid: Tuition and living rates for students have never been so expensive.  If you or your family cannot afford college, there are many options.  Colleges and universities offer several financial aid options including grants, scholarships, and loans.  Make sure you fill out your FAFSA on time so you can receive the necessary financial aid you deserve.

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