Dodging Bullets

September 23, 2009

It is no secret that searching for a job right now is not the easiest task. With so many unemployed and many more joining, health insurance has been put on the back burner. Young adults are really feeling the effects of the economy and are having to deal with the risks of no coverage. “The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that about 30 percent of those who are uninsured are between 19 and 29.”

Living with no coverage is no walk on the beach though. It is very stressful because one medical issue could result in a financial catastrophe.  Not to mention, if a medical problem does occur, individuals may be classified with a preexisting condition. This will cause rates to increase substantially and in some cases insurance companies will deny coverage.

Insurance providers have started creating plans that target the needs of young adults looking for coverage for a short period. There is also the traditional, long term plans that have flexible rates depending on what coverage is necessary. With GradGuard, all of our plans can be canceled at any point during coverage, so no need to worry about being stuck with a plan when that dream job comes through.

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