Graduating out of insurance and into a recession…

Well into the summer many graduates remain unemployed and uninsured.

Graduating out of insurance and into a recession is difficult. Spending months of job searching after years of earning a degree is not a graduates dream, but it is a reality. As recent graduates scramble in the job market, many times insurance is put aside or forgotten. A heavy sacrifice too many young adults are making.

As many graduates look for work, they neglect to find even a short term medical plan. Many believe it is too expensive and out of reach, therefore push it aside until they find that first job. This is untrue and a dangerous risk to take when medical emergencies may go as far a bankruptcy.

To a recent grad with no insurance, please at least find a short term health insurance plan to cover emergencies. You may not plan on being injured… but is that not why we call them accidents? Look after yourself, be insured.