Affordable Renters Insurance for College Students

August 24, 2009

Parents of college students have already spent enough on tuition, books, rent/ dorm fees… the list goes on and on. After the necessities have been purchased, parents are looking around wondering what else they could have forgotten. Looking around at the new dorm/ apartment/ condo parents soon realize thier child’s at college and accidents are bound to happen.

This is when it’s time to think about renters insurance.

College Renters Insurance, or CRI,  is a national company offering renters insurance at an affordable rate to students across the nation. Endorsed by College Parents of America, CRI is a credible, well priced protection college students need to consider.

A unique feature of CRI is it’s liability insurance. If a guest was to be injured on the property, College Renters Insurance aids with medical bills. College Renters Insurance also offers a wide range of policies to help find a plan with the coverage right for you.

To get a free quote from College Renters Insurance today at: www.collegerentersinsurance.com.

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