Benefits of short term insurance

August 12, 2009

As countless graduates find themselves on a scavanger hunt for jobs, many times they forget to sign themselves up for health insurance.

The excuses are endless: I don’t have time, insurance is expensive, I’ll worry about it later… the consequences of being without insurance can be much more sever than any graduate would think. This is why many companies have offered short term insurance. Here are a few perks you have to look forward to as a policy holder:

– affordable

– may cancel policy at any time with repayment of unused premiums

– easy application

– insurance issed as soon as next day

With all this there is no reason to remain uninsured. Short term plans are great for gap insurance after graduation while job seraching or even between jobs it’s a great option. Please, find an insurance plan that’s right for you, keep yourself safe – keep yourself covered.

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