Tip For The New Graduates

July 17, 2009

Walking up to the stage, grabbing the diploma, shaking hands with the dean, hearing the cheers, and then turning the tassel to the other side of your cap.

Take a minute to gather all of the emotions that come with graduating college. Life then feels like a whole bunch of highs, done with school, no more late night studying, getting congratulations from friends and family.

The last thing to think of is health insurance. Most graduates don’t know that the day they receive their diploma either their student health insurance or insurance through their parents health plan. EmaxHealth suggests that about 30 percent of people ages 19-29 are uninsured.

A common option for grads is to buy short term health insurance to cover them anywhere from 6 to 12 months while searching for a job. With this job market another option is buying permanent health insurance because in being hired for a new job there is no guarantee that you won’t be on the search again for a new job. Overall just make sure you are covered because you never know when and what accidents might occur.

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