Hey Mom! Your Grads Are Moving Back In… and Clueless About Health Insurance.

July 17, 2009

Grads stressing over student loans to grocery bills are cutting costs every possible way. Graduates are doing their best, but sometimes the pennies just won’t stretch far enough.

A study by ehealthinsurance.com revealed 62% of graduates would rather live at home than go without health insurance. It’s fantastic grads realize the importance of health insurance, but at the same time do they really know what’s so important about it?

The same study showed less than 50% of graduates could give a confidently define a deductible, similarly 41% could sufficiently describe a premium, and only 15% of grads could define co-insurance…

After an employee works full time for a company, the employers group plan most commonly provides health insurance. It has been recently reported that employers plan to hire 22% less graduates for entry level jobs, a scary thought for the unemployed. 

Most commonly a short term plan will be purchased should any medical emergencies arise between graduation and beginning that first job. As it seems, most graduates are unsure about what insurance is. If this is the case, and you know a grad who’s uneducated about health insurance have him or her check out our informational tabs on GradGuard.

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