Don't just know your plan, know your agent!

July 17, 2009

Articles are published all the time in health care news about the importance of knowing your health care plan.  These articles bring about a very crucial topic that is very true.  Not knowing your own coverage can lead to issues down the road when you go to file a claim.

The only thing is, you must also know your insurance agent.  Make sure you know that the person you are talking to on the other line is truly looking out for your well being.  Brian Urban, Nebraska legislative chairman for the National Association of Health Underwriters points out that “there are  those people out there who have to make their certain quota.”

GradGuard‘s right fit approach avoids just that. GradGuard’s main concern is providing coverage for individuals on need basis.  Meaning, agents will search policies from multiple A rated providers to find the best coverage that meets the needs for the individual seeking insurance.  Not, the coverage that best benefits the provider!

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