5 Tips For A Safe and Fun Road Trip

July 17, 2009

Apple pie and baseball games are not the only things that define America.  Road trips have always been a source of excitement for all Americans.  Throughout the years people have always associated road trips to an escapism from reality or a “new start”.  Especially during the summer, families and friends love to take off, and drive out of town for a long weekend.  Road trips are always adventurous, but to make the most of your vacation, here are 5 tips to make it a trip you will always remember!

1) Think outside the box

It might be tempting to choose a known fast-food place on the way like McDonald’s or Taco Bell for a quick bite.  Spice up your dish and choose a restaurant you’ve never heard of!

2) Ditch the Car

While you are driving, look for anything that seems interesting to explore.  Sitting in a car for hours can be exhausting and boring. If you are ever getting tired of staring at the never-ending road, get out of the car, and explore the area! It will be a refreshing change, and you’ll be ready to keep driving!

3) Drive Safely

Before you leave for your road trip make sure you have auto insurance.  Summer is the time for road trips, and there are so many people on the road.  Drive safely, and make sure you are insured because car crashes are very common, and can be very costly!

4) Take the Scenic Route

You are more than likely going to be on the road for hours if you are taking a trip.  Choose a route that is more scenic and beautiful.  It might not be the shortest route, but your ride will be a lot more enjoyable if you choose “the road not taken”!


Spontaneous road trips might seem more exciting initially, but it is always better to do some research about the place you are visiting so you know of exciting things to do in the area. While you are on the road, flip through some brochures, and familiarize yourself with your destination.

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