El Niño Can Affect You and Your Apartment!

July 16, 2009

Changes in global weather called El Niño could be the cause of the increase in the number of hurricanes and the greater chance of storms hitting land.  El Niño affects the entire world ranging from Australia to India and Central America and the United States.  Demographically, many of these storms cause thousands of deaths.  

Hurricanes, cyclones, and other natural disasters cause terrible damages and can cost billions of dollars in repairs.   In a recent study, researchers found that cyclones caused a  total of $40 billion in damages in 2004. The sad truth is that families are left homeless with absolutely nothing and have nowhere to go after these terrible storms.  If people do not have homeowners insurance or renters insurance, repairs can be extremely expensive and almost unaffordable.  It is during this El  Niño season that many should consider getting renters insurance immediately.  Many believe that landlords cover any damages done in your apartment, however this is NOT the case.  Most apartment leases require its renters to pay for any damage done on their property.  

During these fluctuating weather conditions, you must make sure your personal belongings and your apartment are protected!

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