Graduates Expectations

July 1, 2009

Despite the weary job market graduates are hopeful they’ll find a job soon after graduation.

In fact a survey by eHealth Insurance found 89% of graduates expect to find a career related to their major. The survey revealed even further: 82% of grads believe they’ll have a job related to their major within 6 months of graduation. 

An optimistic outlook when the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2009 Spring Update found employers plan to hire 22% less college grads this year. In fact:

“Since June 2007, the number of job openings has shrunk by 47 percent, with 2.3 million fewer positions available.”    – Fewer job openings fuel unemployment 

Despite unforgiving odds, grads expectations of employers remain solid. They are primarily looking for health insurance and secondly flexibility. A majority of graduates, actually 63% of graduates, prefer to buy and keep their own individual health insurance regardless of their employers. 

It seems our recent grad understand the importance of health benefits. Graduates optimism for the job market won’t cover the bills from a broken foot. They know how important it is to be insured, employed or not. This is a comfort for parents whengraduates’ high expectations in the job market may not be so secure.

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