Graduate optimism at a high

July 1, 2009

With the economy so bad, it is not uncommon to come across low expectations. Jobs are literally disappearing before anyone can even be hired to fill the spot. Recent graduates are facing one of the most competitive job markets in the history of our nation.

Graduates are no longer just competing against fellow grads but millions of unemployed Americans. With all this taken into consideration, you would believe that Grads wouldn’t be optimistic going into the market. But, you would be wrong!

A survey conducted by ehealthinsurance, showed that 89% of college students believed they would have a job within 6 months of graduation. Similarly, 85% believe that their job will offer health insurance coverage.

The stats on reasons for turning down a job offer were interesting:

  • Health insurance: 29%
  • A flexible schedule (Non-traditional hours, being able to work from home): 16%
  • 401(k) or other retirement accounts: 15%
  • Commute or office location: 13%
  • Vacation Time: 12%
  • Gym Memberships: 6%
  • Corporate Culture: 5%
  • Your Potential Title: 4%
  • Interesting enough, a majority of graduates prefer health insurance that is portable from job to job.   The only problem is, most grads don’t know what they are doing when they are shopping for insurance.  It is easy to be set up with the wrong coverage if you do not do your homework.  In the event of a accident, the wrong coverage could even mean no coverage!

    GradGuard.com will do the homework for you.  They will give you a breakdown of what policy options you have from their A rated health insurance providers.   Once you have narrowed it down, they will go over the pros and cons of each plan so you can finally purchase the correct policy!

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