What should you do about health insurance?

June 24, 2009

What should you do about health insurance?
That is a question that is troubling thousands of Grads everyday.

It is important to do your research but you must also understand what it is you are researching. You may think you have the best plan when you could qualify for something much better. When it comes to your parents plans, you can often continue them on the COBRA plan. COBRA is good if you really like your coverage but it tends to be pricey. COBRA might be the way to go if you already have a pre-existing condition because often the plan is continued without stipulations of pre-existing.

If you want to look around and check out prices, let GradGuard do it for you. GradGuard only represents A rated companies so you know you are getting coverage from financially sound companies. GradGuard also offers over the phone consultation on all plans so you can get a clear understanding of what exactly is covered. It is common that coverage is not provided because the policy owner did not know there own coverage limitations. You do not want to realize what your coverage entails when you get the bill from the hospital!

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