Hint for future grads: network now

June 24, 2009

College seems to fly by – making countless mistakes and learning a few life lessons along the way.

As those few years fly by,  graduation sneaks up… and so do the pressures of finding a career.

A recent study by the National Association for Colleges and Employers found only 19.7 percent of 2009 grads who applied for a job actually have one.

This is where networking comes into play. Were you out on a thrusday night partying when you could have been interning? Instead of memorizing all those boring names in nice suites were you counting down the seconds of the clock?

Networking is highly benificial for careers, escpecially in this job market. By putting your hand out to meet new people and really connect with professors may seem like a daughting task. However a good reccomendation from a professor or a connection in need of an employee with your qualifications will come in handy.

After you make a few  connections consider joining a networking website, such as facebook or the more professional linkedin. These sites will help you keep in contact with those professors or previous employers who have a good word or two to say about you.

Part of college is meeting new people and developing your network skills, so get out there and meet some new friends!

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