Do I need insurance?

June 16, 2009

That depends… are you in this video?

If you’re any other normal person, you probably can not depend on this kind of luck to get you by. Many times health insurance is overlooked as a useless expense… although chances of anything in the above video happen to you are slim, accidents are many times more common than you would believe…

Skyrocketing medical bills are detrimental to most families without health insurance. Although many look upon insurance as an unnecessary expense, it is one of the most important expenses you should have. It has been reported 62% of personal bankruptcies were caused by medical expenses last year. 

“Hospital costs were the largest out-of-pocket expense for nearly half of the people filing for bankruptcy, followed by prescription drugs (19 percent), doctor’s bills (15 percent), and premiums (4 percent)” – Better Planning Needed For Health Expenses¬†by Philip Moeller

A monthly or annual premium as opposed to bankruptcy? Insurance sounds like a reasonable expense to me…

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