You can't control life's catastrophes, but you can be prepared…

June 9, 2009

Imagine walking back from work or class to find your neighbor’s apartment smoking from a kitchen fire. Grateful your apartment had not caught fire you unlock the door and walk in. Your shoes swish water and squeak, everything is wet! The sprinklers your neighbor set off soaked the big screen tv, priceless works of art, and your laptop. Everything is completely ruined.

Whether by a forgotten stove top, burglary, or another calamity; countless homes suffer damages every year. Costs of such misfortunes can be catastrophic without proper renters insurance.

Many college students and recent graduates rent an apartment or condo, however the benefits of renters insurance are too commonly overlooked. With a heavy course load and worldly pressures, many forget to prepare for common misfortunes.

Renters insurance is a comfort all students and graduates should have. 

 “The list of catastrophes and circumstances that are likely to be covered by renters’ insurance is a long one, ranging from such ‘typical’ events such as house fire, vandalism or  theft to things such as damage from frozen pipes or even riots.”

                                                                                                 – Mary Umberger, Chicago Tribune

Renters should know that they have an option to insure their possessions. Another great part of renters insurance is that it covers property in your possession that may not necessarily be yours. Whether you’re borrowing your roommates ipod or your parents laptop, these possessions are covered as well. 

When buying renters insurance it’s important to find the coverage that fits you best. You can in most cases choose to place additional items on the renters insurance if you feel the need to insure more than what is covered by the base plan. 

You may cross your fingers all you want, but when a disaster hits be prepared, be insured.

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