Graduate students might lose it

May 31, 2009

Earlier this month, discussion began on whether or not graduate students should receive a cut in their health care coverage at UCSC.  Lisa Sloan, the Dean of graduate studies and a professor of earth science, is leading the movement by asking the Student Graduate Association to cut current levels of coverage.

A graduate student coalition, “Protect GSHIP”, has formed but there is no guarantee this will have an effect on the final decision. If you go to USCS, have you considered what you will do if this goes through? Could this spread to more than one school?

In the event that this cut occurs, whether it be at UCSC or any other school in the nation, many graduates are going to be living without the coverage they need. Lets face it though, with the economy being so bad no one can afford medical treatment out of pocket these days.

Graduates aren’t completely alone on this one though, short term health insurance can provide coverage for a student in need of a shorter coverage until graduation. On the other hand, there are also multiple options for long-term health insurance plans for grads to keep students safe at an affordable rate!

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