Recently graduated? Double check your health insurance.

May 29, 2009

Graduation, a moment every college student dreams of.  The cap  tassel  sways back and forth as the student proudly walks down the graduation aisle. A new confidence evident in every foot step. Hands are shook as faculty murmurs words of encouragement. The last hand is shook and a diploma is placed in the grad’s hand.

A wonderful dream, but all too often the student forgets to dream of their health insurance terminating as the diploma enters their hand. Between graduation and a first job health insurance is a must. The joyous milestones of a recent graduate can quickly turn to a time of great anxiety should a medical emergency arise while they are uninsured. Catastrophic hospitalizations, doctor or specialist visits, prescriptions, and other medical costs with no insurance is more than enough to initiate bankruptcy.

Steve Fenberg noted the detrimental costs of being uninsured and yet was not surprised, “that nearly 50 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 have gone uninsured at some point in the past two years.”

Recent graduates do not need to be uninsured. There are many insurance companies that offer great, and yes affordable,  short term health insurance. Short term health insurance is the perfect fit for a recent grad who will not start working for a few weeks or months after graduation, or is still in the market for a job.

Graduates caught up in the moment may be unsure of what they are need in health insurance. This is a hard time as many grads have always been on either their parents or the school’s health insurance. However research is not difficult or overly time consuming. If you are or you know a recent grad, have them check out a website that compares quotes from separate insurance companies. By visiting one of these sties you will be able to quickly find insurance with the benefits you need at a reasonable rate.

Happy shopping!

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