Graduate expectations aren't looking good

May 29, 2009

Graduates are facing the worst job market in years! How many times do you think recent graduates have heard this one? Probably more times than anyone would want.

ABC news reported that only 19.7 percent of college grads that applied for a job received one.   The problem is getting worse because there are still plenty of graduates from 2008 as well as laid off workers that are still looking for full time work.

Lets face it, jobs are scarce and things haven’t started to turn around yet. So what are graduates doing about insurance during this gap period?

Most students rely on their parents health coverage but once you graduate you are dropped from this plan. You do not want to mess with your future and living uninsured is a ticking bomb.

If anything serious goes wrong odds are you are not going to have the money to cover it. Health expenses add up faster than you think!

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