What does that dream job offer?

May 28, 2009

Not important? Think again!

Lindsey Straub, a recent graduate was just offered her dream job. There is just one issue; they do not offer health insurance. Unfortunately, as history has shown, Lindsey is going to become part of the two-thirds of young adults ages 19 to 29 who spend time without insurance coverage after graduation.

Lindsey was devastated, but she was also realistic when talking with Elizabeth Cohen from CNN: “In this economy, who can afford out-of-pocket for every doctor, every dentist visit?”

This is a hard decision that recent graduates are facing on a daily basis but a big problem is how informed these grads are. Most grads are not able to finance a long term health plan and odds are they are not eligible for a company plan either. Medical problems can become expensive very quickly so it’s important to have coverage. If you have a similar problem, short term medical is available month to month as a great gap insurance!

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