Renting? Insure your belongings!

May 28, 2009

You come home to your apartment to find out you have been robbed! You’re not to worry though, your landlord will cover it. Or will he?

There is a common belief that renters insurance is something you can go without. This might have been the case ten years ago but not anymore. There are a few things to consider, when looking at renters insurance.

In the past renters insurance was not as important. Now, with most students and graduates owning expensive technological equipment, replacing valuables is getting pricey. The average college student or graduate commonly owns their own computer, ipod, stereo, television, ect. and these alone total in the thousands!

Many still believe that the landlord will cover these belongings but in most cases, that is not true! Without coverage from your landlord, you are at a high risk for loss. With the new renters insurance policies that are available today you can insure some piece of mind.

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