Help after graduation

May 28, 2009

Congratulations graduates! You have reached a great accomplishment, but you’re just starting. Whether you are looking for a new job or waiting for grad school you could be at a risk.

The job market is horrendous, as most of you have probably learned first-hand. We are going through very tough economic times and jobs are disappearing left and right.

No matter what your plans are, it is still important to keep a positive attitude. Only time can tell what will happen with the economy but you might want to look at how well you are covered until then. It might seem like a good idea to take your chances, but a single serious medical problem can result in bankruptcy when no coverage is available.

It is common that most graduates don’t need a long-term health care plan because most companies have plans for their own. On the other hand, short term health insurance is what most graduates need and don’t have! Short term health insurance offers lower rates but keeps you protected!

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