If you’re not covered, shop around.

May 21, 2009

CNN.com covers what graduating college students can do to insure themselves in an article posted today. In the piece, CNN says that when you gradate, you should check to see if you can still be covered under your parent’s policy, depending on what state you live in. We couldn’t agree more – this should always be the grad’s first step.

But, if you live in a state where your coverage does end upon graduation, there are plenty of affordable available for your health insurance needs. While the article cautions against short-term medical plans, there are many good ones options out there, like the short-term medical insurance offered by GradGuard. If you wish to avoid short-term plans, individual health plans typically cover much more than short-term medical, and they can still be affordable. Check out NGIHealthPlans.com if you’re interested in individual health insurance. They even have a great comparison shopping tool that allows you to browse many different carrier and plans so that you can find one that fits our needs!

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