About.com Highlights GradGuard.com

May 19, 2009

We love the folks over at About.com – little did we know, they love GradGuard too!

Bobbie Sage, who writes about personal insurance for About.com, had this to say about GradGuard:

“Is there such a thing as graduate insurance? And if so, what would graduate insurance cover? Well, there may not be a specific type of graduate insurance available but there is a source that I have just found that may make it much easier to find out the changing insurance needs of new graduates.”

That’s exactly what GradGuard delivers – graduate insurance. So, if you’re a grad or the parent of one, you know just where to go for all your insurance needs, whether it be short-term medical insurance, student insurance, renter’s insurance, or any other type of coverage you’re looking for.

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