How much does medical treatment actually cost?

Sure, life is full of risks, particularly when it comes to our health.  And, it really doesn’t matter how old you are – health risks threaten every person on earth.  But, how much do health problems actually cost?  GradGuard has a great chart that explains how much common medical situations for young adults will actually cost:

Medical Treatment Description Cost
A common cold, office visit You feel rotten, go to the doctor and are told to go home, get plenty of rest and drink fluids. $80
Sore throat, office visit Your throat hurts, you go to the doctor. Price includes visit with physician and Strep test. Test was negative. $109
Diabetes check-up You have been diabetic for six years and your diabetes treatment has been going well. This is your annual trip to the clinic to see the doctor for a diabetes checkup, including cholesterol and blood sugars (HbA1c) checks. $535
Diagnosis and treatment of Gonorrhea The prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases is a public health concern. This price includes an office visit, test and treatment of Gonorrhea with an antibiotic injection or oral antibiotic. $215
Allergy shots You have been diagnosed with allergies and go to the clinic each week for a shot. The visit does not include seeing a doctor. $64
Skin cancer diagnosis A black, purple odd shaped mark on your arm requires a consultation with a specialist, biopsy and removal of skin lesion. $1,533
Broken ankle You broke your ankle playing soccer. Includes trip to the ER, X-ray of ankle and applying short leg cast. $1,386
Broken arm Your fell off your bike while riding to class. Price includes ER visit, X-ray, simple cast. $1,386
Diagnose mono You are run down, extremely tired. A trip to the clinic and Heterophile antibodies test shows mono. $152
Cut on the hand You’re using that new knife and you slice into the tendon in your hand. Price includes an ER visit, complicated stitches, tetanus shot if needed. $3,066
PAP test Woman of childbearing age, includes exam by gynecologist, test and reading of results. $229
General physical, charges vary by age: Age 18 to 39; Exam of a person in good health. Simply a physical, not a problem-focused clinic visit. $302

It’s food for thought. Here’s a link for the entire article on the health risks facing young adults.

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