No More School, No More Protection?: National Insurance Firm Helps New Grads Manage Risk In An Affordable Way

May 6, 2009

Phoenix, Ariz. (May 6, 2009) – Final exams might be over, but real world responsibilities and risks are just around the corner for hundreds of thousands of college and high school graduates this spring. Fortunately, this month Next Generation Insurance Group announces the launch of GradGuard.com, an innovative online resource offering a complete portfolio of insurance products specifically designed for college students, new graduates, young adults and their families.

Intended to take the mystery and confusion out of the insurance buying process, GradGuard.com is the leading resource in “right-fit” insurance, delivering applicable products specific to life stage. Moreover, GradGuard.com does the homework for young adults seeking to manage risk, helping to match the individual with the insurance coverage they actually need at this time in their life.

“With many graduates being dropped from their parents’ policies or the schools’ health insurance program upon commencement, we saw a genuine need for insurance programs that cater to this particular life stage and events,” explains John Fees, Co-Founder and CEO of Next Generation Insurance Group. “To get off on the right foot, young adults need the right products to protect their financial well-being and provide peace-of-mind.”

Through GradGuard.com, Next Generation Insurance Group offers a portfolio of products including: health, short- term major medical, auto, renters’ and travel insurance for college students, graduates, young adults and their families. Online access is designed for optimal ease-of-use and has user-friendly navigation when looking for right- fit insurance products.

In addition to GradGuard.com, an educational companion site geared for Gen-Y, Dear GG, features fresh, relevant content and a forum for discussing insurance and the risks facing young adults in an understandable, audience-specific manner. Also featuring the witty and to-the-point ‘GG’ personality as a voice of young adults, DearGG answers questions, while addressing current and relevant insurance topics.

“While some young adults may think that they are invincible, there are many who are genuinely interested in learning how to effectively protect themselves and would readily jump at the chance to secure affordable, right-fit coverage,” says Fees. “Young adults and their parents simply need a relevant and trust-worthy insurance resource that gives them the ability to manage risk; this is what GradGuard.com provides.”

More about GradGuard.com
GradGuard.com is the only online resource dedicated to the insurance needs of young adults. Offering insurance programs including “GAP” health insurance between graduation and full-time employment, travel insurance for graduation trips or renters insurance for personal possessions, GradGuard has done the homework regarding the risks facing new graduates and their families. GradGuard.com is a service of Next Generation Insurance Group LLC, a national specialty insurance sales and marketing firm that enables consumers and organizations to manage risk affordably. For more information please visit www.gradguard.com and www.nextgenins.com.

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