Health Insurance From the Student Perspective

January 1, 2009

Gianna Palmer, a college senior at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, recently wrote an article depicting the struggles facing future graduates. Palmer offered necessary attention to the health care reform from a students point of view. Too many students are staying uninvoled and uninformed in the current health care debate. This could prove detrimental to their own interests because getting young adults insured at a low cost is an issue facing this age group.

Palmer points out a huge hole in the current system for a majority of graduates. Currently, the best option to recieve coverage is to get a job. “Preferably a stable, full-time job with a large company that offers health coverage. Employer-sponsored insurance is the norm in the United States. This means that to have affordable health care, you have to have a regular job. ”

The issue is, not every college graduate finishes school with plans of jumping into a nine to five job. Some wish to start up an internet business, travel the world or make it as an artist. These are just a few of the thousands of opportunities that do not come with insurance. As the details of health care reform continue to be adjusted, it is important for college students to voice their opinion. Future graduates also need to look into their current plan and find out when it ends. The sooner you plan for your future, the better.

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