Identity Theft
Freshman 15

Freshman 15: Campus Life

There’s no doubt about it, living on a college campus is a unique way of life. It’s like a test run for the real world; there’s way more freedom than […]

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Preparing for School
Social Media
Social Media

Happy Birthday to Us!

It is the 1st birthday of the current iteration of the GradGuard blog! And what a year it has been! We’ve made so many new friends and fans, our team […]

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Residence Hall Life

Big Brother On Campus

Is your school watching you?  Check out this interesting infographic from about surveillance on college campuses.  Privacy is important, but keeping you safe is always your school’s top priority.

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Student Life

Winter Break Packing Tips

Once you finish finals, the busy fall semester will be behind you, and winter break will welcome you into its loving arms. Of course you’re excited, but before you throw […]

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Student Health

5 Brain Boosting Snacks

You’ve heard it countless times: you are what you eat. Sigh. How unfortunate is that? It’s especially daunting to think about considering the fact that we’re just a couple short weeks […]

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