Student Health

Spring Break Tips from Packing to Protection

Spring break.  The much-needed college break.  If you are like many college students we know, you have just rushed thru mid-terms and are excited about a week with friends.  Yet – you haven’t given much thought to what to pack or what could go wrong.  So here are GradGuard’s tips for making the most of spring break.

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For Parents

2017 Graduation Gift Ideas

If you are looking for some original college graduation gift ideas, here are some ideas that can provide a little inspiration if you’re stuck for ideas…

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Higher Ed
Campus Safety

10 Crucial Campus Safety Tips

10 Crucial Campus Safety Tips The yearly return to college each fall is an exciting and significant time for students, but it isn’t entirely without risks. This year, as classes […]

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Academic Success

Half of Students Entering College Worry They Won’t Graduate

Forty-Eight percent of students and their parents think they may need to withdraw from school.

According to recent survey results announced by Allianz College Confidence Index, “prospective college students are arriving on campus already doubting their ability to reach graduation with nearly half anticipating the need to either temporarily or permanently withdraw from their degree program.” The findings reveal that 48 percent are less than very confident they will finish college without dropping out permanently and 55 percent think they will need to take at least some time off.

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Career Tips: 5 Ways to Get Ahead When You’re a Recent College Grad

New college graduates are the crossroad of their lives and often find themselves confused in terms of career planning. It’s not easy to find the ideal business opportunity and earn the position. That’s why we gave you an overview of the 5 best ways to get ahead in this situation. Use these tips and let us know in comments how it turned out for you.

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