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Are you on Pinterest? If you’re getting ready to head back to school, you may want to consider it. There is so much on Pinterest that can help you pack, think of easy to make and healthy snacks in your dorm room, decorate your dorm, save more money, figure out where to go abroad – the options are endless! We’ve got an account with everything you need to head back to school and tackle this year and make it the best one yet! So follow us here!

We’ve got extra love for Pinterest this week – it’s done an amazing job of sharing our blog post “7 Free Apps That Make College Life Simple.” Have you checked it out yet? Let us know what you think!

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avatar Jenn is the Digital Content Manager for Next Generation Insurance Group and GradGuard. A graduate of a small liberal arts college, Jenn studied English, journalism and Internet studies, and is happy to report that she uses her degree everyday in her role to help young adults like herself learn more about insurance. When she's not at her desk, Jenn enjoys spending time with friends and making jewelry. You can follow her on Twitter @jennrsheehan or .

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