May 2, 2012
Crush Student Debt

Student debt has been popping up all over the headlines lately. Whether its about the impending Stafford Loan rate increases, more unemployment statistics, more dismal news about recent grads entering the job market, or further commentary on how student debt has now topped credit card debt in the U.S. – reminders of and information about student debt is everywhere these days. And most of it is not pretty.

The average student debt hovers around $25,000. Combined with a weak job market, it’s enough to make any recent grad’s stress level skyrocket. Starting out on your own managing debt isn’t easy – but a new way to juggle those costs has come to our attention. SmarterBank and Simple Tuition are giving away up to $25,000 in payments to one lucky winner’s student debt with their #CrushStudentDebt sweepstakes!

Amaze! While you check out their sweepstakes, check out SmarterBank’s new online checking account, which hooks students and graduates up with rewards that can help them pay down their student debt – that does sound smart.

You can check out the sweepstakes hereĀ and learn more about SmarterBankĀ and Simple Tuition. Good luck! (And don’t forget to follow #crushstudentdebt on Twitter!)

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