Best Clubs to Join on Campus

January 9, 2012
Best Clubs to Join

The Spring 2012 semester is here and with it comes a new chance to get more involved on campus! During your four years at school, there are so many different clubs and organizations to join. Here’s a quick overview of some clubs and groups that help get you involved in university life while also having fun!

  • Hobbies-based clubs. Do you enjoy knitting, painting, singing or even juggling or people-watching? Colleges have all sorts of clubs and student groups based on the hobbies of the student body. Usually if there isn’t a club you’re interested in, schools are open to creating a group for you! Look into your interests and see if they match up with the groups on your campus this year. Check with your school’s student activities office for more information on what clubs are available and if there will be an activities fair or sign up period at the beginning of the semester. Don’t be shy! Clubs love having new members and probably can’t wait to add you and your talents to their ranks!
  • Professional organizations. Are you a business major? The Entrepreneurs Club might be right for you. More interested in communication? How about the Public Relations Student Society of America? Colleges and universities usually have professional or career-related organizations for students to join in order to learn more about their field of interest and boost their resumés in the process! These groups often hold career workshops and networking events in order for members to get insight for a professional job, and help you land an internship come the summer. Undecided? Professional organizations and clubs will help you get your feet wet and decide if a particular career is a good fit for you.
  • Intramurals. An intramural is perfect for anyone who was an athlete in high school. If you miss kicking around a soccer ball or hitting up the tennis court, an intramural group will allow you to play once or twice a week with other sports fans. It’s a great way to get some exercise, show school spirit and have some fun all at the same time! Friends don’t wanna play? See if there’s an option to join a team as a free agent – you’ll get to play the sports you love while making new friends.
  • Campus groups. One great way to get involved on campus is to get involved with the campus. Greek Life, religious organizations, orientation, the admissions office and student government groups are all integral parts of a college campus. If you’re looking to help out within your dormitory, the Residence Hall Association is a great way to get involved. As a current Resident Assistant, the RHA at my school prepared me for the challenges and interactions I would face in the future. It was a great group to join for my first two years and I never would have become an RA without it!

GradGuard wishes you the best of luck as your check out the opportunities on your campus! As always, we’re here for your student insurance needs!

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